Sumatra Mandheling

Price: $ 7.19/lb
  • An Indonesian coffee that completely differentiates itself from its Java relative. This very full bodied, complex coffee is surprisingly sweet. Bradford roasts it dark, producing robust beans with rich powerful flavors of fruits and smokiness heightened by a floral aromas. If you're looking for a strong coffee, this is the one.
  • Earthy aromas, thick body with flavors of banana, walnut and molasses.
  • Cultivated from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, Mandheling beans are considered to be amongst the regions finest. They are highly prized for their full flavor and their distinct appearance. When green, the beans are often asymmetrical in shape and have a deep aquamarine tint. As their popularity rose, their unique shape and hue helped European merchants recognize authentic Sumatran coffee beans in the market place.
  • Low in acidity and high in character. A fascinating complexity and thick buttery aftertaste. It delivers the expected heavy deep cup with