Kenya Auction Lot

Price: $ 7.99/lb
  • Distinguished because of its strong berry and citrus overtones and incredibly remarkable sweetness, Kenyan coffee is amongst the best. It encompasses an intoxicating black-currant flavor and aroma that ends in a very rich, never bitter finish. Staying true to African and Arabian coffee traits, our Kenyan blend is a perfectly balanced juicy treat of bright acidity, potent sweetness and aromas. Kenyan coffees are a favorite of many and we're sure this one will become one of your personal favorites as well.
  • The sweetest most sensual aromas combined with flavors of black currant, citrus and berries. Lean and clean, full of flavor with a rich finish.
  • Kenyan coffee farmers patiently nurture coffee trees and pick beans only at their absolute prime, producing some of the world's most renown coffee beans. Beans are auctioned every Tuesday in Nairobi during harvesting season. This practice has led to fierce price wars for the best coffee crops. Most of Kenyan coffee is produced by small cooperative societies rather than large coffee estates.
  • Distinctly bright acidity and unique sweetness and dry winy aftertaste. Amongst the best Kenyan coffees.