Italian Roast

Price: $ 6.59/lb
  • Bradford Coffee took special care in ensuring its high expectations for this robust dark blend of coffee was exceeded. We make this roast with only high altitude, resilient full-bodied coffee beans that ensure dark roasted perfection, avoiding any hurdles of burnt and bitter tastes associated with some Italian Roast coffees. We've created a medium bodied, roasty charred yet sweet flavored coffee with a notable finish that we're proud of.
  • Robust and intense, delivering spicy accents, hints of woodiness, nuts and fruits, and a long mildly acidic finish.
  • Italian Roast coffee is a term used to describe a method of roasting. It is named after the dark roasted blends commonly found in Italy in the 1500s. It certainly exhibits Turkish influence in its dark color and strong flavor.
  • Dark blend with characteristics of a well balanced coffee. Sweeter and less acidic taste than other dark roasted coffees.