Price: $ 6.99/lb
  • An elegant affair begins as sweet, lingering flavors of sugary spice coat your mouth accompanied by a soothing and satisfying aroma and tantalizing lively acidity. You'll be left with overtones of spice and chocolate as this delicate and balanced coffee finishes. This Guatemalan portrays an ultimately complete coffee drinking experience, leaving you yearning for more.
  • Full and velvety body, with gentle spice flavors and cocoa-like texture, rich and lively aromas with refined acidity.
  • Sun bathed during the day and chilled over night, Guatemalan coffee beans grow wonderfully unique because of their surrounding climates and rich volcanic soils.
  • If you love a dark and bitter roast, this one is not for you. The flavors are rich and buttery, with mild acidity that adds to the overall experience. Pleasing to the coffee lover who enjoys complexity of flavors and a colorful aromatic essence.

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