About Us

Bradford Coffee is dedicated to distributing the best coffees from around the globe with the freshness of a local roaster. We will provide the world’s finest bean at the world’s fairest price. This is made possible by combining global purchasing power, built through decades of green coffee trade, with the efficiency of state of the art processing and distribution infrastructure.

Global Purchasing Power - Bradford Coffee buyers travel to potential sources of quality coffee beans throughout the world. They are able to establish close relationships with coffee producers from our offices in Costa Rica, Brazil, and Indonesia. All aspects of coffee bean cultivation, harvest, and processing must meet or exceed Bradford Coffee’s standards for quality, fair labor, fair trade, and environmental consciousness. Each shipment of coffee from qualified suppliers is subjected to complete inspection based on empirical data such as size, density, color, grade; and subjective criteria: the personal, expert tastes of our buyers, Roastmaster, and quality control experts.

The Perfect Roast – After acquiring the world’s finest coffee beans, we apply expert science, combined with traditional artistry, in order to maximize the flavor attributes of each roast. Our Roastmaster uses the highest quality roasting machines available today insuring consistency in every batch.

The Greatest Grind - Particle size is crucial to brewing great coffee. Our technicians employ a grind sieve analyzer machine to keep particle size within strictly defined parameters for each batch.

Maximum Freshness – Our freshness seal packaging features a one way gas release valve, so that our coffee may be packaged just minutes after roasting