Arabian Mocha Java

Price: $ 7.39/lb
  • When the world's most popular blend of coffee was created, the focus was to combine the distinctive flavors of African acidity and Indonesian earthiness. At Bradford we do this beautifully. We've mastered a flavorful blend that ministers to the essentials of Mocha Java - a delicate but subtly brusque silky mouthful of bittersweet chocolate accents that smooth over its acidity, producing a rich finish and a sweet ending.
  • Full bodied, bittersweet chocolate overtones, hint of soft spice, smooth body and slight berry aroma.
  • The Indonesian island of Java produces strong, black, very sweet coffees. The perfect compliment to Java is Arabian Mocha, grown near the Red Sea in Yemen at altitudes in excess of 4,500 ft. Mocha boasts a full of body and chocolaty fruity undertones. The perfect combination of these two make the world's most famous blend of coffee.
  • If you haven't tried this unique blend from Bradford, you haven't tried coffee at its best. It's the world's most famous coffee blend for a reason.